It’s actually a bit longer than that but I only have the posts from 2011 onwards so we’ll say it’s ten years.

Now my blog isn’t famous, it doesn’t get lots of hits but it’s a good reflection on how my career has gone over the past ten years and reminds me how far I have come in that time so it helps me more than it helps others. It reminds me of the struggles I faced in that time with web development, my personal life and the journey to going back to a design role.

The beauty of the last ten years or so is that we have all been going on a journey together as the web matures and I look back at how far it has come. The advances in CSS and HTML, the many javascript libraries down to the numerous types of roles we can take on. It’s changed a hell of a lot.

I’ve always written honestly and hopefully anyone who has read the site has taken something from it. I’ve never been one for writing technical blogs as there are many other clever people out there that can do a better job than me but only I can write about my experiences so I’ve always tried to make it a personal affair so that others might take something from what I am doing in maybe a language they understand.

Time for a change perhaps

I’ve started to think about maybe writing to a different audience. It’s really hard trying to write to an educated crowd these days as there are so many others writing such great content but I think maybe there is a place for explaining the stuff we take for granted in our skills sets to others who probably have less of a clue or probably don’t need to know as much detail but would benefit from knowing how things work or can. Working in eCommerce means I come across people who have a site but rely on others to do a job so perhaps the direction of the blog will go to helping them allowing me to talk more technical. I might even help a few people.

If you don’t blog, I encourage you to do so. It’s really good for the soul and honestly, you don’t realise who you might be helping. I’ve had some lovely comments about pieces in the past.

So here is to the next ten years blogging.