Ok, this post is really just to get something down on paper just so I can start a ball of sorts rolling. I’ve wanted to be involved somehow with an event for a long while now and maybe this is the one?

One of the things I hear a lot of around the time of conferences, usually after is “Shame we didn’t have more time to chat” or “You were busy talking to someone and then the next talk was on.”

Basically, talks get in the way!

Now before you go all crazy and self implode, I’m not saying web talks are old hat or a waste of time. They are a necessity. What I am saying is that there is never enough time to catch up with people or make new friends. Which is something I take quite seriously when at events. The main aim for me at these things is to stay in contact and be sociable.

I really like the quick 15 minute chats with people like Cole Henley and Katherine Cory. There’s no agenda, it’s just nice chat really. You get to talk work, life and who knows, either get some work from it or solve a problem that has been eating away at you that week. The next big idea might be a chat away.

Which is why I am doing this post now. I asked about on Twitter last night. Is there scope for an event where the emphasis is on being social? The replies seem to be in favour of something.

So what am I suggesting?

At this moment in time, I only really have a sketchy idea. What I am thinking is still a conference but with much shorter talks, more Q&A and more interaction. I quite like the idea of problem solving in some format. It might be you’ve never got to grips with Sass and want to ask other devs about it. Maybe there could be a section dedicated to such questions.

You might be wondering about your workflow for example but not really sure if you are doing it right. There could be a few in a room who are having similar questions and want to discuss it. This again could be the right place for such a discussion.

I guess it’s an extension to a twitter conversation without the trolling 🙂

These are just ideas of course. It might never work. I really believe though that whatever happens, a price cannot be put on the social element of these events. And I’m not just talking about the pub after it.

I met a chap called Dean at the last conference. We’ve talked on social media for a year or so. He’d never been to an event but he forced himself to come down for it. And there here he was mixing with other devs, some you could class as inspiration to him over the years. Now, he was one of them in the room talking about stuff. Pretty magical really.

As I said, it’s early days. For this to work, people need to get involved and buy into it. It’s not an ego trip. It’s not a massive alcohol bender. It’s a chance for us all to maybe learn things, maybe solve problems but definitely talk.

If you have any ideas or opinions, just shout. Even if it’s to tell me to shut the hell up.