I’ve wanted to touch on this topic for a good while now but this week kind of prompted me to get it done. It’s also my 100th blog post. I never knew I had it in me. It’s a pretty wishy washy topic but I make no apologies.

Anyway, colleagues.

2 years ago, I was freelance. I worked from home at the start. Being someone who likes being on their own, this felt like heaven to begin with. I was in complete control of what I did and when. But eventually it started to take it’s toll on me. I had nobody to speak to about issues I was having, nobody to keep me entertained. I was lonely.

I managed to get a gig working at an agency in Manchester. I was there for 6 months. If I had issues, they were able to help out. The banter flowed and I felt part of a team. I made some friendships and feel better for the experience. When that ended, I was worried about going back to working alone but was lucky to get a gig working for an agency in Cheshire. I did two weeks there but I blagged it well enough for them to offer me a more permanent position. 2 years on and I’m still there.

What does this have to do with colleagues?

Well, over the years. I’ve made a lot of friends. They seem to have accepted that I’m grumpy, moan a lot and like to get my own way. We’ve worked well together over that time on a lot of projects, some more than others. I see these people more than my kids. Some know very private information about me. They mean the world to me in a way, they are my second family. I enjoy being in a team. You’d think I didn’t half the time. I tell them I don’t like people.

This week, I said goodbye to one and learnt another couple were to go soon. People who I speak to daily. People I take the piss out of. Friends.

Life goes on and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch but part of me is sad. They’ll leave a big hole not only in the working department but also in the social aspect, especially my social aspect.

That’s the way it goes Dan, get over it, they probably didn’t like you.

Yeah, you are right. It’s business at the end of the day. We don’t have to like our colleagues, just work with them. But that said, if I sacrifice time with my family to be with these people, you may as well try and get to know them and put something back in.

I’m going to try and appreciate my colleagues more. Because they might not be there the month after.

That said… we are recruiting so if you fancy working with me and being my new best friend. Let us know.