I think we need to freshen it up a bit. By that, I’d like to start reading what the lesser known people are doing. What problems they are facing, the tools they use, how they approach responsive web design, what they tell their clients and so on.

Why? Because most of them go through the same things I do on a daily basis.

There seems to be a regular trend of the same names being asked to contribute and making up the majority of what is published out there. Now, by same names, I mean established, talented and “worth a listen” people so I’m not saying, “boring, yawn yawn, same old, same old”. I want to read what these people are doing and making, but I think there is a group of people far bigger out there not getting a say/behind heard.

I just think we should perhaps look at the bigger picture of what is going on out there.

I recently went to a conference in Brighton and met some fantastic people. I was amazed at what people are doing with very little recognition. I loved hearing how they got work, how they deal with projects. Stuff that gets missed so easily.

There does seem to be a divide which is crazy when it’s just a case of people making websites and I think one way of stopping it is to speak to more everyday Joe’s

What do you think? Is it a case of sales?