I see a lot of stuff posted over the week and thought it would be nice to share incase people have missed it. I’ll try and do this weekly so if you see anything you’d like to share, drop us a line and I’ll be sure to mention it.

Website optimisation

Blurring your images might speed your site up. But it’s not always the right thing to do.

Is web design losing it’s soul?

As responsive design becomes the norm, designers have developed a reliance on boxes and grids, argues Noah Stokes

Manchester day out

This week saw the Upfront Conference happen in Manchester. Follow their site and tweets for some great discussion

SVG Art Direcion

Netwards Nominee Sara Soueidan talks about using viewbox and SVG

UX is important

Paul Blakey talks about why UX is so important


Brad Frost talks about why he cares for accessibility

Instant Styleguides

A great tool that extracts stuff from a website and produces a styleguide

UX is UI

A post by Mike Atherton based on a recent talk he gave