Last week, I started a new thing where I rounded up stuff I had liked. Here we are with the second weekly roundup of blog posts and things that caught my eye but maybe not caught yours. Enjoy.. and if you want to add anything to the list, just shout next week.

22 Rules of UX

Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling adapted for UX — because both are about creating great experiences.

Capturing the Passion: Refreshing BBC Sport User Personas

Christine Charnock talks about personas

Creativity over predictability

Andy Clarke video on why web design has lost its creative soul

Design Jargon

Design Jargon explained by Creative Bloq

CSS vs JS? Why Not Both

CSS animation post about using JS with CSS for animation

Revisiting :Visited

Joel Califa on links and :Visited

How should I improve my website?

Liquid Light talk about maintaining and updating websites