I’ve not been home long and I spotted a blog post from a good friend Scott Parsloe where he talks about Web Celebs. I thought I would put into words what I think.

Web celebs? Are you kidding?

Scott talks about how some people think they are some form of celebrity when in reality they are just web designers or developers. Probably the kind of person who works in Brighton right?

Before you all put down your skinny lattes and reach for the new post button, let me get straight that I am of the opinion that everyone is a web celeb. We’re all demanding attention via the form of social media and funnily enough blogs (the irony is not lost here). Social media has evolved now where we are all broadcasting whether it be words, text and video and we are all in charge of our own show and for some a sitcom.

Now, I don’t think this is bad and web celeb for me should lose the negative tag. It comes down to people. Some people are ace, some are shit and that goes for life in general, not just online. People put people on pedestals, some deal with that differently to others, again that is life. I also think we manufacture a lot of issues in our heads when in reality, it was just one of them things.

I think at times we get wrapped up so much in online we lose sight of what is important. I’m guilty of it. I feel at times people don’t really listen to me. I’ve asked for help and got no reply. I’m sure, they probably haven’t seen what I asked or I caught them at a bad time. At first, you get a bit upset or pissed off and that can soon turn to anger and before you know it, anything they do or say just winds you up (hypothetically).

So I reckon a lot of in demand people suffer from this. People trying to catch them on social media and missing that window. I suspect most honest folk would reply as soon as they could.

I’m also not very good at self promotion and try not to repeat myself so to me, getting it right in that first window of opportunity matters, but for some, we hear about stuff a lot. I wish I could do that and not worry about it. I also wish I had something worthy to share mind.

Overall, we’re all just web people trying to make our way and pay the bills. The beauty of humanity means some do it differently to others and that’s what makes it interesting. Some will get more coverage, some won’t. Maybe try shouting louder.

As for the Net Awards, I’ve covered that already this week.

Personally, we shouldn’t really let it all bother us. Do good work and pay them bills. But that’s easy to say. I want to be loved, we all want to be loved.