Something a bit different this time around.

I’m taking a big interest in how people work. I find it interesting and educational. It also shows that there are many ways to work and we shouldn’t get hung up on whether we are doing it right or wrong.

We’ve heard a lot about workflow, responsive web design and all sorts of other stuff from the leading designers and developers but as part of my freshening up the industry theme from a few weeks back, I wanted to talk to the teams and individuals that perhaps have to work to smaller budgets and possibly more restrictions.

Hopefully the answers they give will spark a bit of debate and generate their own questions as we try to understand and work out the best formula for working with today’s web.

Kicking us off in this short selection of interviews is James Greenwood, a digital director from an agency in Hull and Katherine Cory, a freelance front-end developer from Derby.

I’ll be posting a few interviews up over the coming days and I’d like you all to share your thoughts.

So yeah, read them here